Forgiveness by Dr. Sidney B. Simon and Suzanne Simon

July 18, 2007 at 8:58 pm (nonfiction, psychology, self-help)

Believe it or not, I am a big self-helper. Whenever I’m faced with a problem I don’t have an immediate solution to, the Forgivenessfirst thing I do is locate a book on the subject. So, a couple weeks back when an old flame who I’d thought I was totally over suddenly popped back into my life, sparking a host of negative feelings I was convinced I’d dealt with many moons ago, I went looking for a book that could tell me how to process those emotions. An Amazon search pointed me to Sidney B. and Suzanne Simon’s, Forgiveness.

This book attempts to clear a path through the many difficult emotions and behaviors that prevent individuals from fogiving those who have hurt them. The Simons’ ask and answer the questions of what forgiveness actually is and what it isn’t. They look at how anger in the forms of denial, self-blame, victimhood, and indignation can be dealt with and released. The writing is straight forward, all terms and concepts clearly defined.

Of course, the real test of a self-help book is whether it actually helps. I can say with total confidence, yes, Forgiveness helps. Peppered with lengthy writing exercises designed to help the reader clarify his or her own feelings, this book offers insight to those willing and ready to work for it. I finished this book two weeks ago and am still in the process of working through the writing exercises. They are forcing me to examine my feeling regarding long discarded relationships and my own negative and destructive ways of dealing with hurt. The Simons have presented a set of tools anyone can use to find their own way to forgiveness for a fraction of a fraction of the cost of therapy. I would say this volume is a must have for any avid self-helper.


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