Are You a Geek? by Tim Collins

November 19, 2006 at 6:39 pm (humor, nonfiction, pop-culture)

Having grown tired of reading heavy nonfiction books, I paid a visit to my local Barnes and Noble the other day in search of some light, humorous reading. I stumbled upon Are You A Geek? by Tim Collins, and having always considered myself a geek extrordinaire, I purchased it hoping to receive quick and concrete confirmation.

Are You a Geek?This 139 page gem (or 10001011 if you wish, as all page numbers are also written in binary,) is formatted like an online quiz. There are eleven sections covering topics such as “Social Life” and “Communication Skills.” Each section contains a series of statements the respondant either gains or loses points for agreeing with, such as “Your sex life was transformed when you got a broadband connection” (2 points.)

I got through this book in a matter of hours, laughing heartily throughout. Some of my favorite parts were the bonus point sections. In one of them, a bunch of popular geek movies, like The Matrix and the Star Wars franchise are listed and you get a point for each time you have seen each movie. Thanks to TNT and USA  for their incessant airing of the Back to the Future trilogy, I topped 150 points in that bonus alone!

Most of the humor is generation specific so if you were born before 1970 this book is probably not for you. But for 27 year old me it was a howler! The next time I have friends over I am definitely gonna whip this one out and let us all laugh at how dorky we are. If you need a little more humor in your life I would highly recommend picking this book up.

And, just in case you were wondering, the test confirmed that I am, in fact, a geek. Live well and prosper.

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